Reasons why you should marry a single Filipino Women

I’m not claiming that the grass is greener on the other side.

However, I’ve known single Filipino women for a long time (I am talking about years!), so I consider myself an authority figure on the subject, at least in my mind.

So, what distinguishes a girl from the Philippines from every other girl on earth?

It’s not that she’s exceptional. No, not at all. There isn’t a single thing that distinguishes her.

Hair? It is Black, like the hair of almost every Asian.

Height? As ordinary as they come.

Complexion? As if the entire human race were put together.

Personality? Some are sweet, some are strong, and the majority are somewhere in the middle.

Isn’t it frustrating?

But that’s just it! Cebu single women are just perfect—ly imperfect!

An excellent blend of old and new, powerful and vulnerable.

All you want in a partner can be found in your average, everyday Cebuana.

What Men Want and Why Cebuanas Have It

Although most men won’t admit it, men need love and want to be taken care of.

Majority of Cebuanas didn’t care for divorce. If she needs to  dress you, feed you, and meticulously ensure you don’t overdose on your meds well into your old age, she will.

She is faithful and when you have the chance to date someone who has fidelity in her genes, grab the opportunity.

The values of Filipino women are strong because most Filipinos are religious, which comes in handy when you make a mistake. They are quick to forgive and warm hearted. Moreover, they are open about dating foreign men.

A girl with values is what you need in order to have a meaningful, long-term relationship. Majority of men want a quality partner, not just a good looking woman.

While modern single Filipino women are educated and successful, they recognize their place in the family. They want strong men with whom they can rely on and raise a family. They are willing to sacrifice for their loved ones. 

The majority of Cebuanas are water babies because they live on an island. They enjoy going to the beach and don’t mind getting a little sunburned. All while remaining adorably feminine.

Oh, and did I mention they’re also stunning?

Certainly, they are not the ame. But that’s even great because you have several shades of what a wonderful woman is.

They are not all the same, to be sure. But that’s even better because you have various shades of a real woman!

I know some men who are so unlucky in love. It’s not their fault, in some cases the ideal girl is on the other side of the world. And somebody must tell them not to give up, book your flight to the Philippines, pack your bag and seize the opportunity to find your one true love.

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